Often many people spend years without visiting the dentist , either due to fear, lack of money or because they think that their teeth do not have any problem, whatever the reason, attend at least twice a year to dental consultation prevents infinity of oral diseases and ensures good dental health .

If years have already passed since your last visit to the dentist, you are curious about health issues or want to be informed and know when it is necessary to go with a dentist this list is for you:

You present alterations in your health in general

There is a strong link between good dental health and the general well-being of a person, the reason being that the condition of the teeth and gums, directly affects almost all the body’s systems, including the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and respiratory, as well that by maintaining good dental health you are reducing risks to suffer other types of serious health problems.

You suffer from severe halitosis (bad breath)

Although many people take it as a mockery and an unpleasant image, sometimes bad breath is a sign of more complicated conditions, the most common is that particles deposited on the teeth by food debris, dry mouth and tobacco products produce the bad breath , but a large group of people with liver or kidney disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis may have an unpleasant odor in the mouth and not only upon awakening, a dentist is able to refer you to another doctor because they notice signs of diabetes and other systemic diseases, so that you are treated immediately, contributing with an early attention, on the other hand, if you already know the illness that you have, the dentist it will help you to diminish the majority of oral signs triggered by the base pathology.

You are an adult

Use of flossing and brushing daily are important throughout life, yet older adults are more susceptible to certain conditions, as the accumulation of plaque, diseases of the gums and tooth decay, the latter is usually located in the root of the tooth especially if you have old fillings, being common in the elderly.

You want a bright smile

It is true that taking good dental hygiene, along with the use of bleach at home responsibly, generates fantastic results with gleaming teeth, but visiting the dentist on a regular basis with professional dental cleanings and specialized treatments ensure a healthy smile, and not only It focuses on the teeth but also gums and all oral tissues, the dentist is able to remove the plaque below the line of the gums and places with difficult access between the teeth where the toothbrush does not reach easily, not to mention the dental treatments that offer more durable protection against plaque.

You have not visited the dentist for more than 6 months

Even if your teeth seem to be fine and you have excellent oral hygiene, visiting the dentist twice a year is always a great idea, even if everything seems to be fine on the surface it is possible that there are underlying dental care problems that only a dentist is capable of. to diagnose, regular check-ups, exams and x-rays, keep a bright and healthy smile for life.

Presents sensitivity in the teeth, red gums and swelling

These are fundamental characteristics of periodontal disease, which develops as an infection in the tissues that support the teeth, gingivitis is a gentler and treatable form of the pathology, which only affects the gums, however it leads to a more severe periodontal disease called periodontitis.

Some warning signs include bleeding gums, bad breath that is not removed by brushing, red gums, swelling or sensitivity in the teeth and even peeling, keep in mind that it is possible not to have noticeable symptoms and that is why So important to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

You notice bleeding in the gums

If you see blood in the sink when you brush it is time to make an appointment with the dentist, certainly incorrect brushing and improper use of dental floss in most cases are the culprits, but the bleeding of the gums is also a sign of conditions most serious medical problems, it is mainly due to the inadequate removal of the plaque which, when not removed, will harden and in a short time becomes tartar.

You want to prevent major damage

The best way to prevent dental complications is with regular check-ups, but it really starts with excellent brushing, flossing and rinsing habits every day with correct techniques. Preventive dental care performed by the dentist includes professional cleanings, exams and treatments. With fluoride crucial in the prevention of dental diseases, annual visits also help identify any dental problem from the beginning to help prevent further damage.

You want to improve your self-esteem and confidence

The smile is the most prominent facial feature and an important part of first impressions, a recent survey found that 94% of people worldwide first notice that another individual to see it for the first time are their teeth, a bright smile, beautiful and healthy wonders with your self-esteem and the way you feel about your body, also generates drastic differences in the way you see and feel different experiences.

Looking to save money

You are wondering if the consultations are expensive as saving money. Because having dental insurance avoid spending your savings at the time of presenting an emergency, you save money when you consider it necessary to visit the dentist and therefore hire an insurance to be up to date with all inquiries paying money comfortably.