Do you have any phobia? Panic to heights? To the planes? We know that there are phobias of all tastes and colors: from fear to bugs, to darkness or to animals such as snakes or rats. But if there is a general fear that is the one of the dentist’s office.

A place (more than necessary) that causes many chills even before lying down in that chair. To overcome this fear of the dentist, it is best to take into account these 8 tips from the Clinical NariƱo:

  1. Rest pre-consultation: the day before the consultation, avoid any exciting product and try to sleep well.
  2. Mindfulness: arrive before your time and once you are sitting in the room, breathe deeply. Concentrate on breathing during the visit.
  3. Clear things: you have to see the dentist as an ally. Explain your situation to help you reduce so much tension.
  4. Do not worry if you feel bad: if you get dizzy, calm down. You do not fall off the chair and you have a professional by your side.
  5. Sedation, please: if with anesthesia you feel that it is not enough, you can resort to sedation. You neither know nor suffer.
  6. Do not delay the inevitable: sooner or later you will have to go because the teeth are for life … and the pain, insufferable. So you’d better not delay that visit if you do not want that nuisance to become a greater evil.
  7. Make it a habit: if visits become a routine, you will feel more secure.
  8. Overcome phobias with specialists: if you do not overcome the shaking, you’d better put yourself in the hands of experts like psychologists. They will help you banish the odontophobia of your life.