Children are often reluctant to go to the dentist for fear of pain. Ideally, children should go to the dentist as a routine before feeling that pain for a problem. If periodic reviews are made since they are very small, the children will normalize the visit and it will not be anything traumatic.

It is also important to explain to the children what the dentist is going to do to avoid fear of the unknown, both on the part of the dentist and on the part of the parents. There is no telling all the details but if what he can understand the reason. We should never lie to him, telling him that we will not puncture him if he does, because we will lose all his confidence. One of the best tricks is for the child to keep his focus on another activity, not on what he feels. This can be done by posing a riddle or riddle.

The clinic environment is fundamental. At the time of treatment, it is advisable that the child enters only in the room (in case it is not too small or has special needs) so that he can trust the Doctor and relax. In addition, most children behave differently if their parents are not present.

In the case that the child has suffered a bad experience or is a child with special needs, you must have a special care and touch. It is always good that, in addition to a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the child is surrounded by other children who are not afraid to copy the behavior.