Only 60% of children between 6 and 12 years old brush their teeth three times a day.

According to this study, only 60.6% of children brush their teeth before going to bed, a fundamental requirement to maintain a healthy mouth since during the night the formation of saliva in our mouth diminishes, a basic agent that It helps us clean our mouth of bacteria. Likewise, 59.2% of children brush their teeth after breakfast and 66.4% after eating.

Although the study shows that 99.6% of children have a toothbrush at home, not everyone brushes them daily. Thus, compared to 89.1% of children who do it daily, still 10.9% do not brush their teeth every day.

Also, the V annual study on oral habits reveals that 86.2% of children between 6 and 12 years old have come to the dentist’s office at some time. However, only 59% of the children went for a preventive review, while 41% went to the clinic to get some treatment.

Tooth decay

Regarding oral health, the study also shows that 12.7% of children currently have tooth decay or tooth decay and that 42.7% of children who eat sweets two or three times a week have had to do some dental treatment.

This figure drops to 36.8% among those who eat sweets from time to time. In this sense, 44.3% of children who eat sweets have had to undergo some treatment, followed with 43.5% by those who eat buns and by those who take chewing gum with 43.3%.