We already know that periodontitis is an irreversible periodontal disease that affects the oral tissues that have the function of supporting the tooth, being this way one of the main causes by which the loss of teeth occurs. However, we must bear in mind that we are facing a bacterial infection that will not only affect the mouth since it can also spread to other organs of the body through the bloodstream. For this reason and to become aware of the importance of avoiding this oral disease, we are going to know a series of problems caused by periodontitis.

Problems caused by periodontitis or pyorrhea

One of the organs that can be affected by periodontal infection is the heart causing both the obstruction of the arteries and thrombi. To explain this situation it is necessary to know that the bacteria that cause this periodontal disease produce a series of substances that are deposited in the blood and once they access the rest of the organs through the blood flow they will be deposited in the arteries. Another disease of a general nature that has a close relationship with pyorrhea is pneumonia and is that the appearance of this disease, which affects the lungs, is due to the inhalation of those bacteria located in the mouth and that the immune system has not been able to eliminate quickly ending up in the lungs. It is estimated that many of the pathogens that cause pneumonia come from people suffering from periodontitis, especially in elderly patients.

Another example that affects the general health is the greater probability of suffering a premature birth in case of suffering periodontal disease since the bacteria causing this pathology develop a molecule that has the ability to secrete prostaglandin , this being a substance that has the capacity to modify the cervix and advance the time of delivery. Finally we cannot forget to talk about the relationship between diabetes and periodontitis Although it is true that for a long time it was known that patients with diabetes were more likely to get gum disease, it must be said that recent studies have confirmed that periodontal disease can not only aggravate diabetes but also It can be cause of this disease related to the blood sugar level.

After knowing this wide assortment of pathologies related to periodontitis, it is clear that it is of vital importance to take care of the periodontal tissues through an optimal oral hygiene.